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My Secret Basket (Mon Panier secret) by Bonduelle: A New Concept for Home Delivery!

Bonduelle wishes to know more about its consumers to better meet their expectations. The group is now going further in its approach to diversify distribution channels with the launch of a brand-new home delivery offer: "My Secret Basket" by Bonduelle.

Born more than 2 years ago, this desire to diversify is realised today with this new offer and the creation of a dedicated website:

The group, whose goal is to be the "reference to ensure well-being through a vegetable diet”, intends to develop a network of doorstep sellers to make everyone want to cook.

 An Attractive and Diversified Offer

In order to know everything about vegetables, vary daily cooking and turn meals into moments of real pleasure to share, "My Secret Basket", a new network of ambassadors, aspires to awaken the chef who is dormant inside of us and allow everyone to amaze their guests every time! To meet this goal, in addition to a very wide range of products, "My Secret Basket" offers a whole universe dedicated to the kitchen, from a practical and surprising "Box" to thematic culinary workshops, kitchen accessories and a selection of quality spices.

To learn more, you can also follow "mon panier secret" on Facebook .

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