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Best practices

Jobs for Prisoners

Around the same time each year, during the busy season, the site finds itself in need of workers, as most people prefer year-round employment. Meanwhile, some prisoners would like a chance to reform and work...

The November 20 2018

Supplies for schoolchildren

For families in need, the start of the school year can be challenging, since it requires making a lot of purchases. To help with these purchases, employees at the Sainte-Martine site have been doing their part to get school supplies to those who need them in the community for the past four years.

The November 14 2018

Walking for a Good Cause

Good health doesn't happen by chance. You have to work for it. How? By fighting diseases that threaten it and by raising awareness about how to prevent them. That is just what the annual Rochester Heart Walk aims...

The November 05 2018

Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold

Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold

As everyone knows, winters in Canada are bitterly cold. For homeless individuals, the months of December, January and February are the most challenging.

The October 24 2018

Refrigeration with less energy

When it comes to sustainable development, there are certain key moments in a company's life. Replacing a piece of equipment is one of them.

The September 03 2018

Spoiled vegetables put to good use

At the factory at Saint-Benoist-sur-Vanne, unsold containers are no longer thrown away. Instead, the veggies they hold are turned into compost!

The August 24 2018

Suscribe to our

What to do with old cellphones? Recycle them!

The employees of the Straelen site decided to collect old cellphones and recycle them to make sure they would no longer languish in the bottom of the junk drawer!

The August 24 2018

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for trash.

The goal is to get rid of waste wherever it's produced. The Villeneuve d'Ascq site has decided to tackle waste created through employee meals.

The August 24 2018

There's no shame in expressing your affection

The employees at St Césaire aren't the type to feel intimidated or get caught up on bad habits. Every Valentine's Day, they show their colleagues how much they appreciate them with hearts and sincere messages!

The August 24 2018

Heating with used palettes

In many factories, broken palettes can represent a significant amount of wood that is sometimes only used once. That is, unless you consider their potential!

The August 23 2018

Working for the community

Going outside the plant to donate your time and energy to the community is a great way to share our values, isn't it? That is what the employees at Santarém decided! Each year, they lend their brawn and brilliant ideas to local social service groups for a full day that has become legendary at the site.

The August 09 2018

Water: Lettuce leads the way

With its broad leaves to wash, lettuce consumes a lot of water before it makes it onto a plate. If we used a bit less water for each head of lettuce, could we achieve big savings to preserve this limited resource? That was the question colleagues set out to answer in Florence, New Jersey.

The August 09 2018

New trees for Moscow

It came to pass that employees in Russia turned a team building exercise into an opportunity to take care of their environment with a high-profile goal: plant trees in the oldest botanical garden in Russia.

The August 09 2018

Beehives on our site

At Labenne, the setting around the factory is decidedly floral. Of course, both nature and the staff have given it their all: the facilities are surrounded by a nature preserve of astounding biodiversity and the fallow land has been planted painstakingly with flowers by the plant's employees.

The August 09 2018

A blooming plant

Everyone likes flowers, bur for bees, they are essential. Enough said: at the Labenne site, that's all the argument it took to embark on planting flowers in the site's fallow land.

The August 09 2018

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