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VeggiEAT: Bonduelle at two international conventions

Bonduelle Corporate Research's products and behaviour division will present the initial results of the European VeggiEAT programme at two international conventions:

- the 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Sweden, from 23 to 27 August 2015

- the 12th European Nutrition Conference, FENS 2015 in Berlin, from 20 to 23 October 2015

Since 2013, Bonduelle has partnered with three European universities (Bournemouth in England, Aalborg in Denmark, and Florence in Italy) and with the Paul Bocuse Institute research centre in Lyon in order to lead the VeggiEAT European research project, which aims to promote vegetable consumption throughout various life stages. The European Commission assigned a budget of €1.6 m to this project put forward by a consortium of five academic and private partners.

The teams are working on expanding knowledge on vegetable consumption triggers in two of the population's age groups: adolescents and the elderly.

The Bonduelle Group is especially involved thanks to its expertise in the fields of sensory science, consumer science, plant physiology and nutrition.

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