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Vegetables for everyone: The Louis Bonduelle Foundation is launching a new call for projects

Eating better is a social issue, whether it's for our health, well-being or the planet. The Louis Bonduelle Foundation was founded in 2004 with the aim of changing eating habits, thanks to our expertise in vegetable products.

Among the three cornerstones of this initiative, acting in the field and supporting research around the world happens once a year. Our mission is to support local actors, whose goal is to help consumers develop sustainable dietary habits. Within this framework, the Foundation is calling on all projects for 2017 in the Europe-Russia area within the category of "Vegetables for everyone, an alternative approach to production and supply".


2017 call for proposals goes to the countryside.

With "Vegetables for everyone, an alternative approach to production and supply," the goal this year is to increase availability of vegetables for consumers and to rethink how this is done. This means that projects can involve developing permaculture, creating gardens in urban spaces, limiting food waste, sharing crops in cities and anything else that promotes access to vegetables throughout the year.

The steps:

To submit your proposal, you have until 29 January 2018 at 10 am (submission deadline, GMT+1). This year only, the call for proposals will be limited to the following countries: Romania, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Find out all of the information and conditions for eligibility

 Are you Canadian?

 In Canada, Quebec en Forme , in partnership with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, is also launching a financing offer to support local projects starting on 1 December.

The theme, "An alternative supply: fruit and vegetables throughout the year for everyone," is in line with the Foundation's 2017 call for proposals.

 Find all of the information on the 100° initiative here.

 Have an idea or project? Submit your proposals!

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