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United during the crisis

In response to the Covid crisis, the group has launched a number of wonderful initiatives to help the most disadvantaged members of society. Collective efforts and community solidarity: a look back at the exemplary work carried out jointly by Bonduelle’s retail and food service teams.


While we have always redistributed our unsold stock to associations, during the crisis we focused our support on two community organizations in particular: Comerso, to whom we donated more than 800,000 mealsfor people in need; and Refettorio, a great idea by a top Italian chef who decided he wanted to cook high-quality dishes for the needy using donated products. Contacted by Refettorio’s sponsor, we were immediately won over by this approach and donated several pallets of products.

A huge shout-out to the plants and supply chain teams. Many thanks to Amandine Desurmont (retail France) and Vincent Audureau (food service France) for everything they did to coordinate with the various charitable organizations: thanks to them, we were able to find great ways to use the stocks we had available. Throughout the crisis, everyone has volunteered their time to ensure the success of these community support initiatives. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to donate nearly 1million meals to people in need.

Jean-Noël DARNICHE CEO of Bonduelle European Long Life Retail FRANCE

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