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The “Émotion Végétale” boutique is Bonduelle's new 100% plant-based concept store.

A new 100% vegetable-focused space opened its doors on October 4 in Saint Priest, located near Lyon, France. It's a shop, restaurant, grocery store, and workshop all at once. The “Émotion Végétale” boutique is a place to shop, but also a place to come and be inspired.

Step into a greener future

Bonduelle believes that feeding current and future generations better and more sustainably is an important social issue that we can address by eating more vegetable products.

As part of the Group's overall initiative to find innovative and environmentally responsible solutions, it is opening the “Émotion Végétale” boutique to make vegetable products available to more people.

A unique experience-focused concept store

Even though “La Boutique” is not the Bonduelle Group's first direct sales effort, the concept store that will open its doors in October in Saint Priest is certainly unique.

With just over 2000 square feet of space, this shop was designed to provide new, enriching experiences that fit into our customers’ lives, giving them a place to shop, taste, learn, and get inspired in an environment that stimulates their senses.

While Bonduelle Group products are present throughout the store, there are also plenty of other innovative, fresh, and seasonal products sourced locally or from around France. The Group hopes to bring consumers into closer contact with our producers, highlighting the innovations that are driving vegetable production today.

The Bonduelle Group is committed to showcasing French innovation and supporting the entrepreneurial creativity on display from young people in the vegetable product field.   

The “Émotion Végétale” boutique also offers a range of services to help inspire customers, including information and content that will help them vary their diet and a dining area where they can taste our products.

The result is a real gathering place where people can discover the best that the world of vegetables has to offer!

To learn more about the “Émotion Végétale” boutique, come see it for yourself on October 4.

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