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The canned goods group is launching their new communications campaign for generations Y and Z

It's true: canned goods are drab.
UPPIA, the organisation for information on the canned goods industry, of which Bonduelle is a member, has launched a communications campaign on social media to win over young adults aged 18-34.

Each month a video for the web series entitled "ça déboîte" (that's 'cantastic!') is posted on Facebook highlighting an unknown aspect of canned goods, such as the fact that tin cans can be recycled an infinite number of times, and the ingenuity of Nicolas Appert, the inventor of canning. As a result, younger generations will appreciate the "sustainable development" aspect and the benefits that canned goods have regarding waste reduction.

The campaign's ambassador, Nicole Ferroni, plays an intentionally quirky communications consultant for the industry, as you can see in the first two videos of the "ça déboîte" web series!:

Watch the episode on infinitely recyclable cans:
Watch the episode on Nicolas Appert's revolutionary invention:

UPPIA was created in 1989 by and for all of the players in the canning industry. It is the interprofessional organisation to promote canned goods industries.

For more information on UPPIA, the organisation for canned goods

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