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The Bordères site obtains ISO 50001 level 1 certification

The Bordères plant has obtained ISO 50001 level 1 certification and is preparing for level 2. This certification is a first step in an energy management process for this site that reduces both its environmental impact and its energy costs. In order to obtain this certification level, the Bordères site set up an energy steering committee and tools for calculating energy consumption accurately.

Natural resources  are managed in the group by using collated data, correcting any deviations as rapidly as possible, defining specific action plans and encouraging thematic exchanges.

In this field, an energy management process was launched in 2012-2013. This process complies with the international ISO 50001 standard. It consists in setting up pilot initiatives to evaluate the implementation methods adapted to Bonduelle's activity and in assessing the effectiveness of the process according to the results obtained. The ISO 50001 standard will enable methodical and long-lasting energy management skills to be developed, in order to encourage high energy performance in its plants. Indeed, efficient energy management allows for financial savings and reduced energy consumption, and makes facing global warming possible.

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