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Safety training in a 3D environment


Initiated by the site's Human Resources Department, the project, which was launched in 2019, was developed from scratch by a consortium of agri-food companies. In Estrées, working groups were gradually put together to ensure accessibility and to train the future trainers.


The innovative and promising technology, which was tested in southwestern France and presented in Renescure and Vaulx Vraucourt, will likely be expanded to our sites in France and even in Europe, and is expected to be gradually adopted by all of our training programs, particularly for specialized roles.

A far cry from your basic and conventional trainings, the teams in Estrées, France have developed a digitized training program for health and safety: a fun and innovative approach to an essential and serious (though by no means boring) issue.





Working in groups of three to four people, users will explore a virtual, 3D-reconstructed plant to identify situations that might pose a risk. This half-day program is mandatory for all permanent staff, and must be retaken at least every two years. The essential goal is to assist employees with role-play scenarios that will allow them to tackle safety issues in a more fun way. Using a VR headset, each employee will participate in a "risk hunt" where, among other things, they will identify situations that pose a risk to food safety in the plant, anywhere within 4 to 5 square meters of where they're standing. Afterwards, the participants will be evaluated using a system of "health points" and "safety points".

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