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Recap of the tenth Louis Bonduelle Foundation Conference in Montreal.

The tenth edition of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation Conference took place in Montreal on 13 June. The theme was “Food Cultures: Changes and Perspectives.” Around 200 researchers, players in the nutrition sector and journalists were invited to share their scientific knowledge and good practices with participants.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation wanted to bring together Canadian and French experts in order to discuss the evolution of food cultures and their impact on our daily behaviours. The selection of this theme reflects both the recent and ongoing changes in terms of food recommendations in Canada and France.

View pictures and videos of the 2017 Conference below:

Leïa Mion, recipient of the 2015 Louis Bonduelle Research Award, presented her work focused on investigating the origins of the Mediterranean diet. During her presentation, she talked about “food cultures in the south of France, from antiquity to the beginning of the Middle Ages.” The results of her work show that even during that time period, individuals selected food based on biological, socio-economic, and cultural constraints.

Christine Jourdan, a sociology and anthropology professor at Concordia University in Montreal, gave a presentation on “Quebec at the table: food heritage and evolution.” Her research shows, for example, that seasoning alone is an interesting index to measure the impact of the successive waves of immigration on Québécois cuisine.

Jean-Claude Moubarac, an anthropologist and public nutrition researcher, works at the University of Montreal and São Paulo. He recently contributed to developing the new Brazilian food guide. In his lecture, he examined the value attributed to food in our modern societies, and more specifically the differences between France, Canada and the United States, which have an impact on health.

Marie Josèphe Amiot-Carlin, research director at INRA’s human nutrition research unit, is a European expert on bioactive compounds in plants. She closed the discussions on the different perspectives regarding food cultures, and presented the current food recommendation evolutions in France. The exposure to hazardous substances as well as people’s eating habits and current preferences are now taken into account in order to come up with realistic recommendations based on positive, sustainable nutrition.

Each year, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation Conference serves as an occasion to review developments in eating habits and to award the Louis Bonduelle Research Prize. The 2017 award was given to a young researcher to help her pursue her thesis work. Her name is Jacynthe Lafrenière, a student at Université Laval in Quebec. Her work focuses on the “Development and validation of methodological tools to measure compliance with nutritional recommendations.”

See videos of the full lectures

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