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Optimising transport at Bonduelle

Since April 2013, Bonduelle has been establishing a flow of sea transport between the Renescure factory (via Zeebruges) and the Port of Bilbao in Spain. Around 20% of the supply flow from the factory will travel on the motorways of the sea.

The motorways of the sea meet two of the Grenelle Environment Forum priorities. They help relieve road networks, proposing a more environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, this transfer reduces green house gas emissions. The motorways of the sea stand out from coastal navigation or classic sea links thanks to research into the performance of the transport chain from one end to the other. It involves offering a frequent, regular and structured (set timetable) service, which is both quick and reliable, for an attractive price compared to its road equivalent. 

At Bonduelle, one lorry per week embarks at the Port of Zeebruges to head to Spain, which saves 960km of road travel, resulting in a 55% reduction of CO2 emissions per lorry. At the same time, with a focus on continuous improvement, Bonduelle is reinforcing development for combined rail-road transport. Since February 2013, 30% of the supply flow from the Renescure factory to Spain has been completed by rail, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% per lorry.

Transport  is a priority focus for the Bonduelle CSR strategy, for which the set objective for 2012-2013 is to achieve savings of 3000 tonnes of CO2 within the group.

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