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Let's learn to eat well

No matter how old you are, it's not always easy to get into good eating habits: this is why BEAM, within the framework of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation , has teamed up with Danone and the digital platform The Core to launch an online nutrition course in Russia… especially for parents!


Education for kids and adults

A program like this was first launched 7 years ago, but aimed at primary school children. Owing to its success, the idea was to renew it this year, but this time primarily targeting parents: it is they who set the example, and if you want to ensure good nutrition for children, you must first educate their parents!


healthy lifestyle and habits

We know that by educating parents, we can help them to instill better dietary habits in their children.
This is why, as well as giving nutritional advice, the project also aims to suggest a "lifestyle" to parents that they can share with their children: a healthier, more balanced life for everybody's wellbeing. The free courses start in April with a communication campaign to follow on Facebook and Instagram!

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