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Légumiz: the first 100% veggie webzine

Every day, Internet users can get the latest scoop on vegetables thanks to Légumiz, which was launched in September 2018 in France and Germany. The idea behind this magazine? To inspire consumers with the many extraordinarily creative uses of vegetables and very little Bonduelle-linked content, and attract and engage target groups that have less of an affinity with the brand. The webzine has already proven a huge success on social media! The idea is to roll out Légumiz across Europe, in all the countries where the Bonduelle brand has a presence.

The concept was inspired by an interesting finding: 71% of all Europeans do not eat vegetables daily. In France, 13% of all households have at least one member who does not eat any vegetables at all. 23% of those consumers who do eat vegetables, eat them on a daily basis. 

So, how do we change the perception of plant-based food in all its forms? And how do we help consumers who want to change their eating habits  make the transition to more plant-based foods, as set out in the new recommendationsThanks to Légumiz, consumers can now discover the amazing diversity and creativity of vegetables

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Only on Facebook and Instagram 

Legumiz is an innovation in the online media industry. It is the first webzine of its kind, which is rewriting the conventions of online media with an emphasis on food, and their distribution channels. This webzine solely focuses on those media where consumers spend most of their time online every dayFacebook  and  Instagram .  

By juxtaposing plant-based food with a modern and “cool” lifestyle, this webzine epitomises Bonduelle’s dynamism and desire to do much more in terms of promoting plant-based food to the public. 

So, who are the target groups of this webzine? The fresh hedonist cooks (consumers who have little time to cook but want to enjoy their food), the easy hungry group (consumers who like to eat, who often have bad eating habits and want to eat better), the balanced on diet segment (people who watch their weight), the fresh natural cooks (who like fresh, natural ingredients), the vegetable lovers (who love plant-based food)... alongside these five strategic target groups, one of Légumiz’s objectives is also to reach those consumers who still have some reservations when it comes to vegetables. 

A new and different approach to vegetables and plant-based food 

Fifty percent of the French population want to eat more plant-based food. Which is great, as  plant-based food is a top nutritional priority ! Légumiz aims to encourage and advise these consumers who are interested in eating better.  

The webzine, which is educational, entertaining and powerful, offers an illuminating insight into the world of plant-based food. With Légumiz, vegetables and salads reveal how inspiring, creative, fun and “trendy” they can be. Plant-based food becomes easy, simple, surprising and laid-back. 

An original approach to engage consumers and have them adopt a more plant-based approach to food. The tone of voice is cheeky and minimalist, with amusing and creative angles. An editorial choice, that allows the webzine to arouse readers’ curiosity and optimise information sharing.


An emphasis on interaction and sharing to grab the readers’ attention 

Légumiz has 7 sections, which are eagerly anticipated by a growing, very engaged community:  

  • Green Day: the latest news and tips of how to grow your own veg and discover the benefits of plant-based food. 
  • The month in veg: every month, a calendar tells consumers what to cook and plant, depending on the season. 
  • Veggie news: quizzes, fun facts, trends, surveys, challenges and surprising news about the plant world, to involve and engage with consumers directly on the theme of plant-based food. 
  • Veggie Wednesday: a recipe with a twist, with the usual suspects and a few lesser-known veg. 
  • The weekend recipe: take advantage of the weekend to try out a new vegetable recipe. 
  • Yes, you can: A different recipe, with your favourite vegs and a bunch of veg that you have yet to discover. 
  • 5 riffs on a classic recipe: some dishes are simply iconic. This section suggests 5 ways to revisit a classic recipe or a staple. 

An ambitious project with a European scope in the short term

Légumiz was initially launched in France, and then in Germany, under the Gemüse4ME name. Eight months later, the webzine already has a dedicated following in two European countries, with 46,500 fans on  Facebook  and 8,678 followers on  Instagram  in France. And that’s not even counting the 20,650 fans on  Facebook  and its 12,400 followers on  Instagram  in Germany.  

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Benelux, Slovakia... All these countries will soon adopt this novel format.

Ready to use: the mindsets still need changing! 

One of the main objectives of Légumiz is also to change people’s mindset about RTU products (Ready-to-use), by explaining why they retain freshness, flavour and the nutritional qualities of their ingredients longer. That is why Légumiz regularly publishes quizzes and other informative publications on canned and frozen foods.

Légumiz currently publishes between 18 and 22 posts, quizzes, stories and videos every month. The content is made available to various countries that adapt the messages to local eating habits. The next steps? A dedicated brand tab on the Bonduelle site as well as a separate YouTube channel for Légumiz!

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