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Initiatives taken by Bonduelle for Food

Innovation for an even more plant-based diet

2019 was a particularly good year for plant-based innovation across most of our activities, with even more vegetables and pulses and the expansion of our Organic range. In Canada, we were able to launch single-serve salad bowls by improving our production and innovation capacity and thanks to a better understanding of consumers’ expectations. The “Heat & Eat” harvest bowl range also offers convenient, complete hot meals, containing fresh vegetables, meats and hearty grains that can be easily heated.

We also launched several innovations based on pulses, including meal-sized portions in The Netherlands and sachets of organic pulses in Sweden. In France, Bonduelle Food Service launched its B’Creative Collection with its drops! The range consists of an unusual combination of vegetables and pulses, which is 100% plant-based. It is currently being rolled out in Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain. On the organic side, we developed a 100% French organic range of frozen and canned vegetables. In Italy, we launched a new range of frozen foods, called Be!Bio.


Awards and Honours

In Canada, we received the Innovation Grande Entreprise Award for our InFlavor process during the 28e Gala des Prix Innovation of the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ). This controlled dehydration process reduces the vegetables’ water content before freezing to preserve their organoleptic properties. In France, Bonduelle Food Service won the Prix de l’Innovation SIRHA 2019 (SIRHA, the World Hospitality and Food Service Event) for its Coral Lentil and Carrot Drops, a flavoursome plant-based combination that is a rich source of fibre and proteins. In the United States, the BFA business unit (Bonduelle Fresh Americas) was named the “2019 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year” for the quality of its frozen foods by Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine.


Student challenge: make plant-based protein more accessible

We partnered with Village by CA Nord de France for a student challenge to “give more people access to plant-based proteins” . The idea behind this project? How do we innovate to feed a population of 9 billion people in 2050 while minimising the impact of the production of food protein on our environment and on biodiversity? Just under 300 students put their heads together to come up with solutions to this problem. The challenge was won by four students who developed a snack that is a rich source of plant-based proteins and that improves the health and energy levels of senior citizens.


In the field, with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

Since 2017, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has been offering support in Russia for the “ABC of nutrition” awareness campaign. This educational programme is designed to teach children the basics of a healthy diet. To date, 1,400 schools have signed up, meaning the programme has reached 250,000 children. In 2018, the programme entered a new phase. In collaboration with Danone, ANCO National Open School (Rybakov Foundation) and experts specialising in education, nutrition and teaching, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation was able to launch an online course of 10 lessons on healthy nutrition for children aged 7-10 years. The main objectives are to develop educational tools for children and teachers and also involve parents by organising activities. The children learnt to recognise and eat healthy food, visited local farmers, grew their own vegetables… The course was organised in 60 schools in six regions across the country.

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