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InFlavor wins the CTAQ 2019 Innovation Award!

Bonduelle took home a top prize at the Food Processing Council of Quebec’s (CTAQ) Innovation Gala in November 2019, receiving the award for New or Improved Product! Awarded to innovative and creative businesses, the prize was presented to our range of Arctic Gardens InFlavor frozen vegetables, known by consumers under 3 varieties: Fajita Mix, Pizza Mix and Diced Onions.



The secret of InFlavor is a technological innovation enabling the partial dehydration of water-rich vegetables so that their quality (taste, appearance, texture) is not affected by deep freezing. With peppers, onions and mushrooms, the challenge is to reduce the quantity of water during thawing to ensure optimal texture and taste. And that challenge has been met, as demonstrated by the product’s promise, “Less water, more crunch”, which boldly appears on the products packaging. The three products are widely eaten fresh but rarely frozen, owing to excessive water in thawing that impairs the quality and taste of the product. And the success is particularly remarkable given that the InFlavor technology, also used in the development of the One Pot products, was developed over the last 18 months by the BALL teams and enables us to gain new market shares!

MANY THANKS ... to the teams having contributed to this project, and notably the BALL R&D team, which initiated the project, the employees at the Sainte-Martine plant, which implemented it, the Food Service team, which launched the marketing of the project, and the Tecumseh plant for the packaging!

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