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In Quebec, Bonduelle builds on its partnership with Fondation Olo

Montreal, Quebec, September 16, 2020 – Bonduelle is pleased to announce that it is renewing its commitment to Fondation Olo for the second consecutive year. Between 2019 and 2021, Bonduelle will have contributed a total of nearly $130,000. Thanks to this major contribution, along with the support of its donors, Fondation Olo will be able to provide nearly 100,000 coupons to the pregnant women and families supported by the foundation's practitioners, which can be redeemed for bags of Arctic Gardens frozen vegetables. In addition to this substantial coupon donation, Bonduelle is also donating nearly $20,000 to the foundation's emergency fund to mitigate the direct impact of the pandemic on thousands of pregnant Quebecers experiencing financial hardship.

For Christian Malenfant, VP Marketing at Bonduelle, this partnership is a concrete manifestation of the company's desire to be an active agent for change when it comes to health and food security. "As a food processor, we believe it is our duty to help provide a healthy diet to future mothers and young families, while also helping to improve eating habits. Our commitment to Fondation Olo is one concrete way to ensure that children can enjoy the taste of vegetables at a young age." Fondation Olo encourages families and pregnant women to eat well, cook, and enjoy their meals with their family. It is driven by the firm conviction that diet and healthy eating habits during pregnancy and the first two years of a child's life have a direct influence on their physical, psychological, social, and emotional development.

According to the General Manager of the foundation, Élise Boyer, it is important to make healthy food more accessible to underprivileged families, particularly during the pandemic period, which has only made them more vulnerable. "The causes pursued by our benefactor Bonduelle go hand in hand with our own efforts to help pregnant women and young families learn how to cook basic foods. The objective is twofold: to ensure they have every opportunity to give birth to healthy babies, and to help them be a model of healthy eating habits for their baby as they grow."

The foundation reiterated that nearly 5,000 women currently need its services and support, and that demand is growing due to COVID-19, which has led to the creation of a special emergency fund.


Fondation Olo's mission is to provide families with the same opportunity as everyone else to give birth to healthy babies and develop healthy eating habits early in life. We provide support within the first 1,000 days of a child's life, a crucial period for its development. To ensure that babies are born healthy, we offer personalized assistance to expectant mothers in need, by providing prenatal multivitamins and vouchers redeemable for food. To ensure that families adopt healthy eating habits, we offer educational tools and professional advice for parents and practitioners, to encourage three healthy habits: eating well, cooking and family mealtimes. Since 1991, it has enabled more than 250,000 babies to be born healthier in Quebec.

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