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Help has arrived in plants!

It's not always easy to hire when there's a health crisisgoing on... In view of this unprecedented labor shortage, the corporate office employees stepped in to give St-Césaire, St-Denis and Ste-Martine a helping hand.

Team work in St Césaire

Our temporary immigrant workers, expected to arrive in the beginning of July, could not get here in time. And so the harvest began, with just 15people working instead of 80. Quickly, we came up with the idea of calling on the office employees to replace them. And it was a winning idea, because after a greeting and training program, four employees from the inspection and quality control departments came to the rescue, helping to harvest for a whole week!

"The employees were delighted to get involved, and they learned a lot by coming to the plant to help us. That gave us an idea: why not offer this as an onboarding experience to all our new employees? It would be an excellent way to convey to them what our business is about... A big thank-you to our four volunteers and all our employees who work at the factory on a daily basis: you all saved the season!"
Pablo Saval - Director of the St-Césaire plant


Ste Martine, a corn processing plant equipped with manual kernel removers, also had major hiring problems this season... And just like in St Césaire, only the office staff's flexibility made it possible for the corn kernels to be removed in time. In fact, since August 24th, more than 20 employees from the HR, marketing, sales, communication, health, safety and quality departments, among others, came to help out at the plant. Some worked for a few hours, others a full eight hours a day; but all truly appreciated this experience, which is completely different from their usual workday.
"I think it would be great to add this experience to the onboarding process for new employees, and I will support its implementation at the Ste Martine plant. By showing the everyday reality and challenges at the factory, it is a great way to convey to new employees that they must be agile and flexible in the way they dothings!"
Alex Coe - Director of the Ste Martine plant


In St Denis, no fewer than 30 employees came to the rescue, participating in work at the plant. During the pandemic – a time of telework – this experience brought the staff closer together, reinforcing their team spiritand providing solutions that once seemed inconceivable. In the end, it was a positive experience for everyone, and enjoyable moments of collaboration and conviviality between the plants and the offices!

"Enthusiasm and smiling: those are the two words that come to mind when I think of our volunteer employees. Their dynamic energy and determination to make a difference truly impressed all the production employees and factory managers. This experience clearly demonstrates how involved everyone has gotten inensuring the company's success during this pandemic. The whole team of the St-Denis factory thanks you."
Simon Bréard - Production & labeling director of the St-Denis plant

"A big thank-you to all our employees who gave of their time to help us at the factory. Your contribution has been crucial in helping us reachour production and productivity objectives at the plants. You've helped us get through this year, marked thus farby extreme climate conditions, the COVID pandemic, and difficulties in recruiting seasonal personnel. Thanks again everyone for your participation!"
Marc Lemery - VP Operations Québec

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