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Greening Montreal: A community involvement project from Bonduelle

Bonduelle is getting involved locally with a tree-planting project near the Bonduelle Americas head office.

On 15 October 2016, nearly a hundred volunteers, including Bonduelle employees, helped plant 195 trees.

The city of Montreal is attempting to resolve problems with urban heat islands—areas with higher temperatures due to a lack of trees and vegetation.

Two schools in the LaSalle district are located right in the heart of one of these areas.

According to Daniel Vielfaure, Managing Director for Bonduelle Americas, "Getting involved in local communities is one of the pillars of Bonduelle's vision. We are proud to be helping the city achieve its objectives to make Montreal greener. This project is all the more significant because it will allow us to provide a better environment and better quality of life for local communities, and in particular, for the children in these schools."

By creating a small urban forest, the project will help provide a stimulating educational environment for students and for their lessons in plant biology, tree growth and urban biodiversity.

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