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Focus on the Lethbridge plant in Alberta, Canada

Established in Eastern Canada since the takeover of Québécois Aliment Carrière in 2006, the Bonduelle Group bought a frozen vegetables plant from the Canadian distribution group Sobeys in 2015. This production tool with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, in Western Canada, 100 km from the border with the United States.

This very powerful unit enables Bonduelle to expand commercially and establish logistics synergies. The acquisition enables the Bonduelle Group to benefit from a long-term contract for supplies (canned and frozen) with Sobeys, which owns nearly 1,500 stores, under various banners, in the ten provinces of Canada. It thereby facilitates access to Bonduelle vegetables on Western Canadian markets, i.e. one third of the domestic market.

The Lethbridge plant strengthens Bonduelle's coverage in North America where the group already has 7 plants in Quebec and Ontario, as well as 3 plants in the American states of New York and Wisconsin.                               

    A few figures

 Average annual production of 15,000 t

 A 2015 harvest estimated at 6,000 t of peas and 7,500 t of sweet corn

 41 permanent staff members and 150 workers during harvest seasons

 3,035 ha of farmland dedicated to peas and corn

 7,400 m2 dedicated to the storage of frozen foods 

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