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Employees take charge of their health with Longevity

Our Climate 2016 survey showed us that health is a keyconcern for our employees. To meet their expectations, wedeveloped a private health-care system, including regularon-site check-ups, a sports support system, a ‘quit smoking’program and a health education and prevention program.


In order to create sustainable added value for our employees and our company, we decided to use the education and prevention program developed by Longevity, a Hungarian start-up. The idea: 12 weeks of group work, during which participants improve their knowledge of health and lifestyles. Through daily challenges, the program’s main aim is to help participants adopt more balanced and healthy lifestyle habits.


The results of the first pilot groups are already positive, with improvements in many indicators such as blood pressure, weight and visceral fat.

As well as learning short-term measures, participants also noted a change

in mentality: the majority highlighted that they now pay greater attention to

their eating habits and physical exercise.


Covering a variety of issues from nutrition to managing stress and energy levels, the program included sessions on cooking with herbs, group and individual consultations, themed challenges and regular health checks. It also featured dietary challenges, such as making a commitment to cut out sugar; sleep challenges, such as switching off phones before going to bed; and social challenges, such as making a commitment to call friends every day. The 12-week program helped to strengthen team spirit by creating new bonds between employees, all while promoting their ability to learn and change their habits.

" I think that health education is a long-term vision.

What we learned in this program is that health is our

responsibility and that we can take control of it by taking

care of ourselves."

Zsofia Zima Head of Human Resources Bonduelle Central Europe Kft.

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