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CSR objectives for 2025: A fresh start for Bonduelle Americas

In the autumn of 2016, five new CSR objectives* for 2025 (see below) were jointly identified with the entire Bonduelle Group and deployed across all the business units. This afforded Bonduelle Americas Long Life (BALL) an opportunity to make its CSR Committee more operational while remaining strategic.

Initially created to interact with stakeholders, the committee was completely overhauled to play a key role in the company's strategy. Today, the committee is composed of 11 experts in natural resources, agriculture, marketing, human resources and CSR, thus ensuring representation of all the sustainable development priorities defined for 2025.

The role of the team is to:

  • act as a spokesperson to recommend CSR strategies and objectives to the BALL management committee,
  • implement these strategies and report on operational indicators to the BALL management committee, and
  • represent BALL within the Group CSR Committee.

To develop and deploy its CSR strategy, Bonduelle needs to consult and involve all its experts and decision-makers in the process. This is why the American committee chose such a high-calibre team in early 2017 to build a road map.

The strategy was then co-written with the management committee to secure their buy-in. The strategy and objectives were then presented, discussed and deployed to the technical networks: natural resources, agriculture, and human resources. This ensures the road map is as multidisciplinary as possible.

How do we see things in 2025?

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