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Coupa : newin-house purchasing tool

Following a preparation phase, the Coupa application will be unveiled this fall at Bonduelle North America.Built on the same model as an e-commerce site, this newin-house purchasing tool was designed to meet three targets: simplify our purchasing, make our expensesmore visible, and streamline the purchasing process tomake it fully digital.


Tested this summer for expense reports in the purchasing department of our Bonduelle Américas Long Life (BALL) Business Unit, Coupahas already proven how easy to use and how suited to the company'sneeds it is. By increasing visibility for all, this new tool is already making everyone's daily work easier and rationalizing costs. No more paper and all those unnecessary emails. The app actively helps digitize purchasing:its use is expected to be expanded to all our BALL business unit departments and plants this fall before potentially being rolled out acrossthe entire Group if results continue to be positive.

“Users like this tool, which simplifies their upstreamand downstream experience. Coupa also saves a lot ofmoney, increases visibility for all group purchases, andhelps us avoid siloed work.” Sorin Ionescu Data and catalog manager

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