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Consuming differently, yes, but how?

"Consuming differently, yes, but how?" was the topic chosen for the 12th edition of the sustainable development week in France. In addition to this "general public" topic, special focus was made on the concept of circular economy. It was the perfect opportunity to zoom in on its development within the Bonduelle Group.

The notion of circular economy refers to the reduced consumption of resources, reduced waste production and restricted energy consumption. In other words, it means taking environmental impacts into consideration throughout the product's entire life cycle.

From production to waste recovery, Bonduelle is endeavouring to comply with circular economy principles, which is why in 2012 a team composed of various skills within the company (research and development, marketing, purchasing, communication, etc.) worked on developing an eco-friendly design guide, aiming to help teams integrate environmental and social criteria throughout product life cycles. This guide will be finalised in 2014 and intends to guide design, production and marketing teams towards making the right choices. 

In this regard, the Bonduelle Group has set itself important objectives regarding reduced  water, energy consumption.  Indeed, in 2012-2013, energy consumption ratios (at constant activity volume) dropped 4% for water and 2% for energy, compared to the previous year. Industrial waste recycling is another of the group's priorities, as it is aiming to reach a recycling rate of 80% by 2015, thanks to sorting operations and to a purchasing policy involving the suppliers.

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