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Changing the way chefs see vegetables: Bonduelle Food Service’s new challenge

Bonduelle Food Service, the Bonduelle Group’s brand dedicated to out-of-the-home dining, is unveiling its new, innovative strategic vision and an unprecedented movement, “Des légumes qui envoient !” (“Vegetables take your places!”), created by chefs, for chefs.

As true trendsetters, chefs are at the heart of out-of-the-home dining habits. Yet only 10% of vegetables consumed in France are eaten outside the home, according to ANSES (the French national food safety agency). The movement is intended to change the way vegetables are perceived by expanding their role and suggesting new ways and times to cook them every day.

To help it do so, Bonduelle observed and monitored over 150 restaurateurs in their kitchens in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Poland to identify the ways vegetables are used in the food service industry. The range was reorganized according to those practices and restaurateur profiles, showcasing innovation and dividing offerings according to “seven roles for vegetables”: accompanying a dish, composing your dish, taking you somewhere else, creating an atmosphere, adding vitality, preserving traditional cuisine, and enhancing a dish.

A support team and tools:

Bonduelle Food service has also brought together a team of culinary advisers for restaurant professionals as well as a new informational website and a catalogue of vegetable-based “nuances” focused on the seven roles for vegetables.

Visit the Bonduelle Food Service website  

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