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Bonduelle takes part in the 2014 World Forum in Lille

As one of the World Forum's major partners, Bonduelle will be participating in its eighth edition in Lille by holding two conferences.

On the agenda: an opening conference on sustainable agriculture will be held on Tuesday 21 October in Lille " Sustainable agriculture: how can we produce more and better products whilst using less? ". Arnaud Bardon, an agronomic manager, will be coordinating this round table along with two other speakers.

Bonduelle, jointly with its producers, has been for many years now implementing eco-friendly agricultural practices. The 128,000 ha cultivated by producers provide Bonduelle with experimentation sites in Western Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Africa and North and South America.The practices implemented with a view to achieving a form of agriculture that respects the environment are varied and may require simple techniques, such as acknowledging that the soil can no longer be considered a mere support as it is also a living environment, or high technology that requires long-term investment in the field of genetics for instance. This is a vast line of work and its fields of application are numerous and highly demanding. Some solutions are already operational thanks to targeted technical concepts, and for others Bonduelle is still at the agronomic research stage, in collaboration with its producers.

A second event, held in the form of a themed lunch, will be coordinated by Marie Charlotte Bouchery, Chief Technology Officer, and Edith Chauchard, Innovation and Development manager Food Service and will deal with "new technologies and new forms of work" on 22 October in Lille.

In February 2013, Bonduelle deployed and adopted a new collaborative tool throughout the Group: "Networking, connecting people and growing together". The Google platform and its applications are at the heart of the project: email/instant messaging, calendars, social networks, simultaneous collaboration on a document, virtual meeting rooms, etc. In addition to training, substantial support is provided for users who can log in to the Networking School at any time. The 3,500 connected employees within the group currently use the Networking platform.

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