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Bonduelle partner of the "FUL" project

Bonduelle is a partner of the FUL (Ferme Urbaine Lyonnaise) urban farm project run by the Notus urban development agency in collaboration with ISARA (agronomy and agri-food industry engineering school), INSA, Richel (greenhouse construction), Cesbron (energy) and Cari (construction industry).

The aim is to develop a vertical off-ground agriculture method, in an urban environment. The market produce project chose salad crops as the first full scale test in Lyons, the pilot city. If the first stage is a success, it is planned for the model to be extended to other crops and other cities.

The Bonduelle Group is a technical partner of the Ferme Urbaine Lyonnaise project through the Bonduelle Fresh Europe subsidiary, operating in the Lyons region, at Genas, with a factory specialising in cut & washed salads.

The FUL project is a solution to several future issues in line with Bonduelle Group's CSR objectives: feed the planet within a situation of dwindling agricultural land, reduce the environmental impact, directly produce on the sites of consumption while saving on transport costs.

Very specifically, Bonduelle provides its agronomic expertise for the project to work on the selection of varieties and the life cycle of the salads.

Moreover, beyond forward-looking work on the product itself, Bonduelle Group is also a partner of the consumer study conducted within the framework of the project, so as to better understand their perception of the product and this new production method.

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