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Bonduelle is participating in the European InSPIA project

The purpose of the European InSPIA project is to define a reference base of indicators that concern sustainable farming performances. This project is based on a network of 50 farms, including the Bonduelle Fresco Agricola farm in Murcia, Spain. 

The French Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAD), the ECAF (European Conservation Agriculture) and the ECPA (European Crop Protection Association) have  been jointly managing the project.  In the long-term, InSPIA will provide a measurement index regarding each farm's capacity to operate sustainably whilst protecting the environment. This index will be calculated thanks to a set of verifiable indicators, based on data provided by the 50- farm network. This network will allow for the best agricultural practices to be validated, demonstrated and communicated.

The goal of this initiative is:


  • to create a European reference base
  • to promote the adoption of sustainable farming practices throughout Europe 
  • to raise the awareness of EU political stakeholders, technicians and farmers regarding sustainable farming.

More information about IAD indicators  : Click here

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