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Bonduelle is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Russia!

The Bonduelle Group celebrated 20 years of being in Russia, on Wednesday, 9 September, along with representatives from Russian authorities.

In Russia, Bonduelle has an extensive food processing infrastructure: two canneries, both located in the region of Krasnodar in the south-west of the country, which produce 85,000 tonnes of canned vegetables, using crops independently grown on two farms covering 11,000 hectares in all. Bonduelle has a sales team in Moscow and employs a total of 620 people in Russia.

Everything started in 1995 with a representative office in Moscow. The decision was soon made to import canned vegetables produced by Bonduelle in Hungary. Then Bonduelle developed its food processing penetration strategy as it became imperative to produce locally, taking into account the potential size of the market. In 2004, Bonduelle built a cannery in the south-west of the country, in Novotitarovskya, near Krasnodar. For the first time the group became its own producer with a farm spanning several thousand hectares. At the same time the subsidiary communicated widely and developed both in Russia and in the neighbouring countries. In 2012, Bonduelle bought the Timashevsk plant located about fifty kilometres from Novotitarovskya and its farm of 6,000 hectares.

The Bonduelle Group's progress since 2010 has been impressive: its sales grew 160% up and its Bonduelle brand has become one of the market leaders. The share of sales made by Russia is steadily rising and now accounts for 9% of the company's turnover.

Christophe Bonduelle, Managing Director of the Bonduelle Group, says that "Russia is a strategic market due to its size; it is also a genuine platform for development in CIS countries."

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