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Bonduelle, inspiring you to eat vegetables every day

Bonduelle's international promise: "Inspiring you to eat vegetables every day".

The group's first international platform was deployed in the 100 in which the brand is established. This international brand platform is like the brand's DNA, and stems from a participatory study conducted in 6 countries with regular and non-regular purchasers of the brand's products, asking them about the importance of vegetables in their diet and cooking habits, as well as their perception of the Bonduelle brand.The study showed that consumers were all fully aware of the role vegetables have on health and of how important it is to eat as many as possible. Vegetables have also become one of the main cooking ingredients nowadays.

Their freshness and variety in terms of shape, colour, texture and preparation methods are in line with new cooking trends and expectations of a more open, spontaneous and creative style of cooking.

The real challenge is in fact to prepare and eat vegetables every day with pleasure.Bonduelle is known and renowned as being the main vegetable brand; its reliable, trust-worthy and expert way of harvesting and cooking vegetables gives it the required legitimacy to face this challenge proudly. Bonduelle also gives consumers ideas and inspiration for everyday cooking.

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Bonduelle's international promise: "Inspiring you to eat vegetables every day".

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