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Bonduelle has signed the Ania food waste prevention charter

On 16 october 2015, Ania presented its food waste prevention charter at the occasion of the food waste national day. The Bonduelle Group, which has been committed to reducing food waste for the past several years, became a signatory member of the charter.

With 58 industrial sites and independent farms located within the best agricultural production regions, the company works to constantly improve the impact of its activities throughout the value chain. For example, in­factory agricultural raw material losses are recycled up to 97%. Bonduelle also takes a public stance against food waste by offering awareness­raising campaigns on this issue through calls for tender issued by its company foundation. The Louis Bonduelle Foundation has already financed twenty­one food waste reduction projects involving over 50,000 people in five different countries.

In 2015, ANIA developed a food waste prevention charter that aimed to inject real momentum into the collective effort to fight food waste within the agri-food sector. This document lays the groundwork for future participation of the ANIA member federations and their companies. The charter includes suggestions for particular areas of focus identified by studying examples of best practices. These suggestions can be further specified and fleshed out by the companies in accordance with their size, capacity, and scope for change.

Download the food waste prevention charter

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