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Bonduelle has renewed its partnership with the Institut Charles Viollette of the University of Lille 1

The Food and Behaviours department of Corporate Research has renewed its partnership, launched in 2014, with the ‘Adaptation to Stress and Quality of Plants’ team, and in particular with Philippe Hance, the project manager, and Abigaël Delcourt, the laboratory technician. The team is led by Professor Jean-Louis Himlbert at the Institut Charles Viollette*.

In 2014, the collaboration enabled the development of a method for measuring the molecules implicated in the taste of carrots. This year, the Plant Biology team of Bonduelle is using this method to characterise the organoleptic quality of carrots from the 2015 season.

This programme is an example of an efficient partnership that Bonduelle developed between state-run and private research teams.


*The Regional Institute of Research in the Food Industry and Biotechnology Charles Viollette groups together nearly 81 permanent employees from seven laboratories from the universities of Lille 1, Lille 2, Artois, Littoral Côte d’Opale and the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture de Lille.

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