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Bonduelle Group unveils their new sustainable development column

Discover the group's CSR initiatives in a new column on Bonduelle's corporate site.

The idea to make Bonduelle's sustainable development policy more accessible to all came about at the time of the International Agricultural Show. We were asked if our vegetables grew in the ground... This was the ‘Eureka’ moment leading us to explain our commitment to sustainable choices on a global scale differently.

The ecological transformation towards sustainable agriculture begins in the fields. This is why we use innovative agricultural technologies: crop rotation, minimum chemical input, etc. This is also why we build and maintain partnerships with our producers, 95% of whom are signatories of the Charter for Good Agricultural Practices (CGAP). The CGAP is testimony to Bonduelle's continued commitment to environmentally friendly agricultural techniques.

We want to explain simply and transparently that the way in which we think about and prepare our products is how we intend to achieve our goal of becoming the global reference when it comes to living well via a plant-based diet. Take a look at this 360° video that shows how salads are made at Bonduelle, and which explains the natural preservation process we use on our products:

Bonduelle is also committed to concrete action in terms of packaging, factories and transportation: reduction in CO2 emissions, saving water, using more renewable energy, etc. This is how, for example, Bonduelle cut more than 7000 tonnes of CO2 emissions thanks to the sharing and optimisation of transport, and how we cut water consumption by half in 10 years in our factories.

Another aspect of our CSR efforts is employee involvement. In fact, Bonduelle employees are stakeholders in living well and safely together at work. For example, the Canadian site Tecumseh received an award recognising excellence in health and safety policies for factory and site work, and the Oakfield site is celebrating six consecutive years without any accidents on the job.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation strives to lastingly change dietary habits in a way that is respectful for both the planet and humankind.

Discover our complete Sustainable Development Policy

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