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Bonduelle Fresh Europe is opening its new high environmental quality headquarters

Inspired by its own CSR initiative and that of the Group, the Bonduelle Fresh Europe subsidiary, a European leader in fresh vegetables, began construction on a new location in 2017. This new headquarters in Genas was designed to combine positive environmental impacts with employee well-being.

In 1997, Bonduelle made the Lyon region the center of its fresh vegetable business. Today, the Group is strengthening its presence in this region by opening this new building and creating a new concept store .

Opened on October 4, 2018, this building has a green design that took employees into account from the very beginning of the project. Workers can now enjoy almost 28,000 square feet of open, green, HQE certified* space, and they will have access to various services through a one-stop support office that will help people overcome obstacles that prevent them from having a fulfilling work life.

These services will help them balance their personal life with their work responsibilities and promote eco-responsible behaviors. Basically, this support service will offer local produce, delivered to the company, a car wash service that uses eco-responsible cleaning products, and provide plastic sorting and recycling.

Going farther by becoming a B-corp

The new Bonduelle Fresh Europe and Bonduelle Fresh France headquarters in Lyon is a symbol of the Group's desire to stay committed to and involved with its local, national, and international environments.

That is why Christophe Bonduelle, the Group's President, and Guillaume Debrosse, its CEO, announced their plan to pursue B-Corp certification at the headquarters’ opening on October 4. The Bonduelle Fresh France entities have already begun working to earn this label.

Our Strategy

*High environmental quality

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