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Bonduelle breaking the ice in Russia

While Bonduelle has had locations in Russia since the mid-90s, until now it was only in the canned food market. But in 2019, everything changed with the acquisition of the Belgorod site, a prelude to our major frozen vegetables development project.

Two brand identities to statisfy every consumer

Since frozen food is central to the Belgorod site’s strategy, local employees were quick to jump on board, along with their bosses and the marketing and sales managers. After multiple consumer surveys, we decided to create two brand identities to satisfy every consumer:

THE “FAMILIES” IDENTITY: featuring local vegetables from the Black Earth region (broccoli,cauliflower, green beans, peas), our new, disruptive design—with a see- through window and kraft paper—sets us apart from the competition, while adhering to Bonduelle’s graphical requirements. Launched last February, the Mono Vegetables & Simple Mixes ranges also feature distinctive product sizing, in order to satisfy the expectations of Russian consumers.

    THE “SINGLES AND COUPLES” IDENTITY: to attract young working professionals, who are often pressed for time, we’re offering ready-made vegetables that are presented as a source of inspiration for ethnic cuisine. With varieties like Wok Ajapsandali, Hawaiian, and Mexican, we’re offering more than just food, but an emotional experience. This angle was featured in a media campaign that began in March, the ideal season for frozen products in Russia.

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