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B!Fit: In Russia, employees support a good cause with sports

Playing sports while supporting a good cause: that was the great idea behind B!Fit, an athletic event managed through a digital platform where Bonduelle employees in Russia can train, post photos...and win points that can be converted to roubles for those who need them.




In June 2020, all of the points collected and converted by B!Fit were given to the League of Dreams, an association created by the parents of a disabled child whose health quickly improved after taking up Alpine skiing. Today, the association is active in multiple Russian cities, where it helps to improve the wellbeing of numerous disabled children by offering skiing, rollerblading, and rockclimbing courses.


With the money collected by B!Fit, Bonduelle was able to offer 10 rollerblading courses with a certified instructor to five children supported by the association. And after meeting and talking with the director and founder of the League of Dreams, our employees in Russia have already launched a new B!Fit event to be held in October, and the money collected will be donated again to the association. An online cooking festival will be also organized with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation to provide skiing lessons to disabled children!

"B!Fit: a wonderful combination that promotes exercise and improves employee wellbeing, while supporting a good cause." Galina Laurent, CSR Manager at BEAM

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