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An application developed by our agronomic and IT teams to optimize vegetable harvests.

Seamless organization and advanced expertise are required for consumers to enjoy the best-quality vegetables harvested when fully ripe and grown in eco-friendly conditions. Our agronomics and IT departments have developed the Agropilot digital solution to optimize organization in this area as part of a continuous improvement process. 

The new application simplifies vegetable harvest planning and provides real-time information on vegetable supplies for plants.

Collaboration between the IT teams and plain managers was a real asset in the project. The technical expertise of the IT teams was used to help agronomic experts meet their requirements in terms of optimization and to help roll out the digital transformation across sectors working on the ground. The application was designed and co-created by future users to meet the following objectives:

●            Optimize efficiency during harvesting, harvest vegetables when fully ripe

●            Digitize and optimize harvesting and supply processes, simplify planning

●            Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waiting times at harvesting sites

The application is currently being rolled out and is now available to our agronomic teams in the north of France. The plan is for it to be eventually extended across all production areas.

The agronomics department  set up will in particular help producers with cultivation. The unit includes more than 260 experts, engineers and technicians (plain managers, cultivation managers), 160 of whom are on the ground every day. The unit means we can work as closely as possible alongside our partner producers to help them when necessary, from sowing to harvesting. This expertise also meets the need for very precise industrial planning, concentrated over a period of a few weeks, which consists of supplying plants continuously with seasonal vegetables harvested at full ripeness during harvests.

From field to plate, we have created an expert unit which, for years, has been working to develop plant production methods that are kinder to the environment and the people working on the ground.

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