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A year of CSR at Bonduelle

2019 was a particularly fruitful year for Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) within the Bonduelle Group. Our CSR approach is not just designed to reduce our environmental impact or improve our social impact. It is an indispensable tool as we reflect on the Bonduelle of the future and rethink our company’s purpose. It is also the vital link between the economic and social aspects of our business, as part of our effort to become a B Corp company. And it can be measured through our actions on the ground, for the benefit of our Planet, Food and People… A brief overview of the initiatives we took in 2019.



In light of the climate emergency and the needs for a more circular economy that has less of an impact on our environment, we all face some major challenges. As a company operating in the agri-food industry that assumes its corporate social responsibility, Bonduelle wants to play an active part in this. For many decades, Bonduelle has chosen to enshrine its vegetable supply in a close partnership with 3,100 growers. These partnerships enable the company to make an agroecological transition, by testing and developing alternative farming practices that are designed to protect soil life. Because this is the only guarantee for their resilience in light of the upheaval that we face. In 2018, Bonduelle wanted to add a new dimension to its CSR commitments, seeking to achieve B Corp status, with 100% of the turnover covered by this certification by 2025. To this end, a new Steering Committee that focuses on six priorities has set out tangible objectives for each of the cornerstones of the company’s CSR approach: climate change, relationship with farmers, packaging, accessibility and sustainable food, employees, B!Corp. In 2019, and even more so in 2020, we will focus on the follow-up of these action plans. All these measures are a reflection of Bonduelle’s desire to become a company with a mission: to make the World better rather than be the best company in the world.” 

Anne-Sophie Fontaine 
CSR and Communication Director Bonduelle Group

Discover our sustainable practices of the year :

Our commitment for the future?

In the future, we will have a population of 9 billion men and women to feed. Plant-based food will thus become a major challenge for the well-living of future generations, both in terms of the quantities that we need to produce and the methods used to produce them. This “plant revolution”, which is expressed in our new baseline, “Nature, our future”, must be founded on a business model with a positive impact, creating an economy that benefits our Planet, Food and People.

We are already looking ahead, which is why we are stepping up our commitment in terms of corporate social responsibility, by making a pact. What is a pact? A firm commitment that is expressed in measurable goals, which are part and parcel of our desire to continuously improve our model, to become a company with a mission, a company that will “make the world a better place”.

Discover “The B! Pact”!


Our CSR Report for 2018-2019



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