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A new range of organic prepared salads!

Organic is big business in France , a booming market that has led us to innovate by launching a new Organic deli range this year: a way to meet consumer expectations while naturally reinforcing our commitments in this field.

Organic ingredients, eco-designed packaging and excellent nutritional data: the "much more than organic" range

As an ambassador of Bonduelle's 6 responsible commitments , this new range of organic prepared salads now consists of 3 products, grated carrots, coleslaw and oriental tabbouleh. Recipes and ingredients that logically respect our commitments with a desire to use French wheat all year round and French carrots in season. Much more than just the choice of organic ingredients, the range is the product of a global rethink that includes 100% recycled plastic packaging that has been significantly reduced by getting rid of the lid and sleeve. Also of note, the interesting nutritional data earns a score of 100/100 on Yuka for the raw vegetables: a first for Bonduelle's deli products, and a nutri-score A for the raw vegetables and B for the tabbouleh, all without preservatives of course!

A resounding success at a difficult time

Production began at the Rosporden factory on 26 March: despite being in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, the teams were able to stay on course and keep motivated to ensure the launch of this new range of organic prepared salads. In what is a stressful and difficult time for factories, everybody is doing their bit, allowing us to achieve great things: thank you to all the teams who allowed us to launch an environmentally friendly range while supporting French agriculture!

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