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Key figures

Bonduelle Group

The globally active family

Bonduelle is a family company created in 1853 with a mission "to be the world leader in healthy living through vegetables". By focusing on innovation and long-term plans, the group is able to diversify its business lines and geographical locations, and 77% of its revenue is achieved outside France, its home country. Its vegetables are grown on 128,000 hectares and marketed in 100 countries under a variety of brands, through different distribution channels and in all technologies: canned, frozen, pasteurised, dried and fresh/ready-to-use.

Bonduelle asserts itself as a responsible player, well known for its community practices, which makes the benefits and pleasure of a vegetable based diet available to as many people as possible. The Bonduelle Group focuses on its relationship with the earth, and has a long-term vision that integrates sustainable development to its company strategy. With its unique agro-industrial expertise and 57 industrial or company agricultural production sites, the company operates in the best cultivation areas in close proximity to its customers.

4 business lines

The group's activities are currently organized according to 4 different business lines, or technologies, in order to satisfy all our customers' tastes and expectations:

  • Canned vegetables,
  • Frozen vegetables,
  • Processed fresh vegetables,
  • Prepared vegetables

An international group

With our own brands and those of our distribution customers combined, we are now the world leader in ready-to-use vegetables.
Our group is strategically present in 3 major areas:

  • Western Europe, since Bonduelle's establishment in Germany and other EEC countries from the 1960s onwards.
  • Eastern Europe, and in particular Russia and other CIS countries, where Bonduelle has an extremely good reputation.
  • The American continent: since 2007 in Canada, with the acquisition of Aliments Carrière, then the United States in 2012 with the take-over of the frozen foods sector of the American company Allens. Lastly Brazil: after setting up a commercial presence in 1994, Bonduelle built a plant in the State of Cristalina.

4 brands throughout the world

Bonduelle, an international brand

Vegetables, nothing but vegetables, vegetables all around. The world is becoming more and more concerned by its nutritional future, and Bonduelle offers vegetables in all their forms, using all available technologies and operates throughout the world with a view to enhancing the consumption of vegetables for pleasure and health. Bonduelle aroused its consumers' desire and encouraged them to be more creative and make healthy living part of their daily lives with their friends and family.


A brand that has withstood the test of time. Bonduelle offers its most demanding customers a selection of Cassegrain vegetables, packaged in the famous rectangular tin and represented by the iconic rabbit character.

Arctic Gardens

Arctic Gardens was the very first frozen vegetable brand in Quebec and was the first brand to produce frozen vegetable assortments in the whole of Canada. We love the Arctic Gardens vegetable brand. 


This brand is established in Russia and former CIS countries.

Preserved quality

For Bonduelle, product quality is an absolute priority. Its production methods strive to preserve nutritional values and taste. Checks are conducted at various stages of the manufacturing process, in order to guarantee high quality and full product traceability: 

  • the selection of producers and seeds
  • crop monitoring
  • vegetable maturity and characteristics
  • manufacturing process
  • recipes
  • packaging

Strong Commitment

Bonduelle's entire production is organised in order to offer healthy products will full flavours and intact nutritional qualities. To do so, Bonduelle implemented strict rules, applicable to all production phases and to all the stakeholders that contribute to production (farmers, industrial operators, sales, etc.), with a view to guaranteeing flawless product quality.

Respect for nature: eco-friendly agriculture

"Bonduelle loves nature. It is proficient without dominating, distorting or contriving. This is Bonduelle's objective". 

An overall approach

The farming process implemented by Bonduelle is respectful but efficient, both healthy and sustainable. It has found the right balance between respect for the environment and the farmers' economic objectives in order to better serve the consumers and meet their expectations.

Collective commitment

In order to standardise the group's farming vision and ensure the highest possible quality, a supply charter was drawn up between Bonduelle's agronomic department, the farmers, the suppliers and the transporters. This ensures crops proficiency, ensured quality and full product traceability. Because Bonduelle is constantly looking to offer you the best vegetables possible.


Bonduelle has commitments regarding product quality and has implemented a highly-demanding nutritional charter.

This charter identifies and imposes strict rules. It namely established the threshold values for salt, sugar and fat (saturated fatty acids, trans-fatty acids, etc.) contents. Its objective is also to communicate the nutritional values for the most accessible products.

To do so, Bonduelle adopted the GDA system (Guideline Daily Amount). This labelling system helps consumers balance their diets thanks to clear and simple information.

On the packaging, consumers can see the calories, the amount of nutrients contained in the product and their input in terms of daily requirements.


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