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Our vision

Our people-orientated values shape our company culture. It is our strength, our special feature. Joining us means integrating an independent group, intent on placing people at the heart of its concerns.

People at the heart of our company project

For all positions, all around the world, we make sure that each employee feels at ease, develops within a fulfilling working environment and grows with the group. This is the true meaning of the vision conveyed by our VegeGo! company project. For you to be a part of Bonduelle's successful actions, we count both on your personal and professional fulfilment.

Our 7 key values

Inspired management

Our management style includes you as an effective player in the group's vision. This authentic approach is unique in such an international company and owes everything to the group's history, stemming from a family-run company, and to the very nature of our job which so highly depends on weather conditions, harvests and seasons. In order to react to the unexpected in the most efficient conditions possible and still enjoy working as a team, our best solution so far has been to rely on simple relationships, based on trust, excellence and shared responsibilities.

Managego, a combination of benevolence and requirements

ManageGo! is the Human Resources side of the VegeGo! project. ManageGo! sets out our management objectives, defines our current managerial practices and paves the way for the practices of tomorrow. ManageGo! represents a subtle balance between benevolence and requirements, and forms a bond between Bonduelle's values and ambitions, whilst providing our managers with common points of reference.

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