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Bonduelle and you

Our group's mission is to be the world leader in healthy living through vegetables. Naturally, this is why we wish to hire the best possible experts in each domain. And for these people to be interested in a long-term career with Bonduelle, we do everything within our power to offer them opportunities to grow, fulfil their potential, develop and maintain their passion for their job. Our focus is thus both on shared ambition and commitment.
Bruno Rauwel, director of human ressources group

Holding all the cards to fulfill your potential



Developing skills

At Bonduelle, we ask our managers to involve themselves in the support, development and growth of all their employees.During the development interview, the manager and employee together build up an individual development plan based on a customised assessment of the areas of strength and development linked with the employee's career development.

The manager thus continually maintains an environment that encourages learning, where the employee can move forward and push their limits and develop new skills. 

Moreover, we have developed a comprehensive, innovative offering of training programmes. In this way, our employees can:

- continually improve within their activities,

- develop their vision and overall understanding of the Group: business models, business activities, intercultural aspects...

- grow personally and exploit their potential.

Being mobile within the group

Developing within the Bonduelle group also means being mobile and open. Mobility genuinely boosts personal development and performance through experiencing different cultures and discovering other good practices.

We are an international group (link to map with our locations). This is our strength and our increasing global development encourages international career development each year. As soon as a job becomes available, we encourage internal mobility, irrespective of function or geography, giving priority to our motivated, responsive employees who want to share their expertise. We do everything within our power to support you at every stage of your journey, and guarantee a rewarding and successful experience.

A lever for development


Coordinatrice mobilité internationale

It is essential. It supports group development, whilst taking the organisation's needs into consideration. This efficiently encourages the sharing of know-how and group culture. Indeed, international mobility conveys the group's desire to place people at the heart of its project: capitalising on talent and internal experts by giving them rich and varied professional opportunities.

International mobility in Bonduelle 2014

Maintaining a passion for our businesses

Bonduelle's businesses range from sowing seed up to the vegetables on the consumer's plate. This encompasses a multitude of exciting and modern business activities directly connected with developments in technologies, sustainable development, marketing and nutrition.

Bonduelle is constantly seeking to progress...

Bonduelle is constantly seeking to progress. Our company project has in fact enabled us to launch projects aiming to improve our practices. Incredible collective energy draws each and every employee towards a real desire to progress.

Here at Bonduelle, we master the entire vegetable production sector, from harvesting to the customer's plate, thus offering true diversity in the jobs made available: agri-foods, sales and marketing, finance and human resources.

The success of our shared project and being the world leader in healthy living through vegetables depends on each employee's commitment and passion for their work.
Passion requires daily upkeep! 
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Getting our inspiration from good practices

As Bonduelle considers that openness, good practice exchanges and experience-sharing are essential, we make high-performance Networking tools available to our employees. For us, collaboration and networking are part of our daily routine! Everywhere in the world, employees enhance their experience thanks to their colleagues within the company and are able to share their skills and proven practices.

  • Faster circulation of good practices from one Business Unit to another
  • Permanently enhanced innovation
  • Time saved on a daily basis

Enjoyable daily routines

Here at Bonduelle, we do everything within our power so our employees develop within a pleasant, appealing, comfortable and safe working environment. Health and physical integrity issues are for instance of the highest importance to us: since the end of 2011, we have been optimising our organisation in terms of safety by specifying and redefining each employee's responsibilities, at all hierarchical levels. 

We have also launched an awareness campaign in the countries in which we are established.

  • Physical, mental and social well-being, and the prevention of any potential occupational diseases
  • Employees and managers who are made aware of their responsibilities, and a Safety contact person within the Executive Committee.
  • An ambitious prevention policy and awareness campaigns in every country

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"The group's commitment to safety is clear: moving toward zero accidents by applying the best safety and work condition practices everywhere with the support of all our employees"Evert Jan MINK, safety coordinator

Supporting local employment year-round

At Bonduelle, it is fascinating to grow within an international group whose activity remains intrinsically and perpetually linked to the seasons and harvests. At all levels, and in a more or less direct manner, nature, the earth and the weather dictate the work rhythms at Bonduelle.



Within this context, specific actions are naturally implemented to increase seasonal worker loyalty - these workers represent 19% of all the group's full time equivalent contracts.

  • Favouring local hire or taking on those living in difficult economic areas in all business lines represented by Bonduelle.
  • Applying recruitment procedures that encourage the hire of local employees and managers.
  • Attractive compensation policy, work contracts elaborated by harvest type for an adapted professional activity carried out with other seasonal workers.  
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