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We go further

The B!Pact: placing our planet, people and food at the heart of what we do

Plant-based food offers the most powerful leverage to respond to some major challenges for the future, namely how to feed a population of 9 billion men and women while preserving our planet’s resources. At Bonduelle, we are convinced that Nature is our future, which is why we made a pact. We decided to call it «The B! Pact». With this firm commitment to our Planet, Food and People, we have embarked on a new phase in our CSR roadmap.      In light of the climate emergency and the need for a more responsible economy that has less of an impact on our environment, we must assume our corporate social responsibility as a company operating in the agri-food industry . We commit to taking specific and measurable actions to promote  a more plant-based diet that will benefit our Planet and People.

The B! Pact: long-term CSR commitments

Since our inception , we have remained faithful to two goals that were set by our family shareholders: respect for our natural environment and placing People at the heart of our corporate mission.

Back in 2012, we started from these fundamental principles to define our ambition for 2025 : to be the world reference in ‘well-living” through plant-based food. Our daily mission is not just to maintain our leadership position in our markets but also, and above all, to become the reference because of how we produce, process and sell our products. We aim to develop well-living by offering job security, health, pleasure and conviviality, and through our involvement in our local communities. In a nutshell, we want to build a better future thanks to plant-based food, by having a positive impact on our entire ecosystem.

In a sense, our baseline « Nature is our future » is our manifesto, expressing the shared commitment that drives everything we do.

The B! Pact is a summary of our commitments and the roadmap that will help us move forward. This approach demonstrates our determination to transform our business model, to become a company with a mission, a “better company for the world”.

The B! Pact: a triple commitment

The nature of our operations allows us to have an influence on various levels, reducing our ecological footprint and promoting more responsible eating habits, for everyone’s benefit. That is why we have made a commitment on three levels, which are at the heart of the food and environmental challenges of the future.

●        A better company for our Planet: with strong commitments for reducing greenhouse gases and the development of alternative growing techniques

●        A better company for Food: including our goal to have a positive impact with all of our brands, as demonstrated in Europe with our « Bonduelle commits » approach.

●        A better company for people: making our “zero workplace accidents” goal a top priority across all our professions. 

The goals we defined are part of the roadmap that will help the Bonduelle Group become a B Corp company, the ultimate certification for companies like Bonduelle, which want to be the ‘best for the world’.

The B!Pact is everyone’s business!

Our commitment to our Planet: 3 goals to reduce our environmental impact

At Bonduelle, our most precious asset is our relationship with our Planet. It is vital that we take good care of it , so that everyone can fully enjoy its assets in the future. We support a sustainable and diversified agriculture, around the world. Every day we look for new ways of growing, preparing and selling our products.

We offer all our partner growers support, helping them to implement better and alternative growing practices that are adapted to their situation, as in the Innova Terre network. To reduce our environmental impact, we also take specific and measurable actions in our factories and even on the level of the consumers of our vegetables. 

Therefore, we set ourselves 3 goals for 2025:

  1. 100% of our land farmed using alternative growing techniques
  2. A 20% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2035
  3. 100% recyclable or reusable packaging

Where do we currently stand?

  • 44% of our land is mechanically weeded
  • - 16% water used in the last 10 years (2007-2017)
  • 7,826 tonnes of CO2 saved thanks to rail-road in just one year
  • 92% of our growers signed our agronomic supply charter
  • 50% of packaging materials are recycled in Europe
  • 9.8% of renewable energy in the Bonduelle Group’s energy mix

Why do we refer to diversified agriculture?


Being the world reference for well-living through plant-based food also means offering people safe and environment-friendly food, which people want to eat and that is available to everyone. Our goal is to fulfil consumers’ expectations by launching new products and services. But we must also offer a pragmatic response to the reality of our markets and our partners’ issues. That is why we are in favour of a model that reconciles quality, sustainability and competitiveness in a smart way, which is capable of offering solutions that are tailored to everyone’s needs. Our desire is to offer sustainably-produced vegetables as well as organic vegetables and vegetables without pesticide residues. This is what we call « diversified agriculture »



Sustainable development in our fields

Our commitment to food: two goals to promote healthier eating habits for everyone

Every day, we work hard to ensure that everyone has access to plant-based food, to promote food that is a pleasure to eat, and healthier eating habits for everyone.

We want all our brands to have a positive impact. The «Bonduelle commits» approach in Europe is pioneering in this respect. Since 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has been contributing to bringing about sustainable change in people’s eating habits, by informing populations, developing scientific expertise and applying this knowledge in the field.

Our two goals:

  1. 100% of our brands have a positive impact
  2. Promote good food and nutrition practices with the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

Where do we currently stand?

●        The Louis Bonduelle Foundation already has a presence in 7 countries, with 500,000 people having benefited from its actions to date

●        100% of our production plants have achieved certification for traceability and security features

●        60,000 food quality analyses performed annually on our products

●        The 6 commitments of the Bonduelle brand for sustainable agriculture and nutrition

Sustainable development in our factories

Our commitment to men and women: two goals to promote well-living together

Safety at work is a top priority in our organisation, across all our sites. We also engage with the local community to generate a positive economic and social impact for our employees and their communities.

Our two goals:

  1. Zero workplace accidents
  2. 100% of our sites involved in local projects

Where do we currently stand?

  • 6.37: the current frequency rate of workplace accidents (23.04% ten years ago)
  • 49% of our sites have set up projects that involve their local community: find out more about our best practices
  • We have raised awareness about CSR among 1,300 employees
  • 3,986 tonnes donated to NGOs in the USA and Europe
  • THE APONH PROJECT: with this aid project in Cameroon, we support local growers and entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their business sustainably.

Our approach to sustainable development in partnership with local communities

The B! Pact: a new date

While The B! Pact demonstrates our commitment to place even more emphasis on CSR, we have been keenly aware of these issues since our inception. Some of the results that we have already obtained are encouraging. And while it is true that we still have a long way to go, the whole idea behind this roadmap is to mobilise all the company’s teams and its stakeholders, in each and every one of the communities in which we are established.

«To measure our progress on the goals that we have set ourselves, we have included a timeline in our The B! Pact roadmap, with various milestones to monitor our performance. So let’s agree to meet again in January 2021, so we can give you an update on where we stand!»

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