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The agricultural world, as seen by Sysy, blogger and mother of five

From February 24 to March 4, the International Agricultural Show (IAS) welcomed more than 672,000 visitors. Among them was Sysy , who was discovering this unmissable event on the agricultural calendar for the first time. From interesting encounters to firm beliefs, Sysy shares her impressions of her very first visit.

This year was your first visit to the agriculture show, what did you think of the event?

I was very impressed by the openness of the agricultural community. During my visit, I had the opportunity to talk to farmers and breeders about their job, their daily life, and their passion for offering quality products.

It was a real family outing, offering the chance to discover agricultural France. Children were able to discover farm life and animals and were curious to get as close as possible to the small goats, pigs and cows etc.

I also had the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the manufacturers present. They had very educational stands where they answered my questions and took the time to explain the production cycles of their products.

As a consumer and mother of five, what would you like to pass on to your children in relation to the theme of "eating well/living well"?

As a mom, I prefer cooking at home, with quality, fresh and seasonal products (without any GMOs or pesticides). I’m trying to give my children a taste for good, healthy food. While visiting the IAS, I saw the many efforts made by the agricultural world to produce better. It's going in the right direction.

What did you get out of the IAS and what will you remember from your first visit?

I really enjoyed the liveliness of the show and its particularly festive and cheerful atmosphere. With all the farmers and agronomists, always on hand and ready to share their knowledge and answer questions, and the different regions and countries represented who let visitors taste their best products, I was able to learn new things and go on a discovery of France by moving through the halls and discovering lots of the typical dishes of our regions.

Finally, what is your view on the agriculture of today and tomorrow?

I feel more hopeful about our agriculture and those who do it. Farmers are trying to develop more environmentally friendly and healthy agriculture by using fewer pesticides and refusing to use GMOs. They are going back to ecological practices based on what our ancestors did.

Today, agriculture is the key to considerable societal challenges. In particularly, it must meet the challenge of sustainably feeding the 9 billion people who will populate the planet by 2050: it must produce more and produce better. The close relationship between food manufacturers and the agricultural world makes perfect sense. Since 1853, at the Bonduelle Group, we have forged strong links with our farming partners, whose work we wish to promote to the general public. The agricultural show is an essential, educational showcase for new agricultural practices and directly highlights those who practice them: farmers. The earth is our primary work tool, it's up to us to preserve it.

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