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Plant-based protein to help meet future food requirements

With nearly 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050, sources of protein will present a major challenge for meeting the global population’s nutritional needs. The challenge launched by Village by CA North of France and its partners, including Bonduelle, aims to innovate to feed a booming human population, minimize the effects of production on the environment and biodiversity, and address cultural, economic and taste-based concerns all at the same time.

Two hundred and eighty-three students were given seven months to build a project on the theme of making plant-based proteins accessible to all.

Léa, Caroline, Juliette and Marie-Aude—four students from ISA Lille (an agricultural engineering university)—won the challenge in March with the Vivicroc’ project and the creation of Cubtonic’, an edible cube rich in plant-based proteins which improves the health and well-being of dependent seniors.



Focus on plant-based innovation.

Vivicroc’ is a project with one mission: bringing 1.17 million dependent seniors a means of improving their autonomy, vitality and health with a small, plant-based protein-packed cube that’s soft and delicious— Cubtonic’. Cubtonic’ is a sweet, protein-rich cube which you eat effortlessly with your hands.

Our estimates show that by 2050, the number of mouths to feed worldwide will climb to 9 billion and the percentage of French seniors will rise from roughly 20% to 32%. Serious nutritional, environmental and food safety challenges can be expected, and plant-based products offer a solution to future concerns. There are infinite possibilities, as legumes are high in protein and minerals, and vegetables are high in antioxidants.

“We are persuaded that plant-based products belong on our plates. The plant-based nutrition of the future will be more reasonable and more responsible. We are learning to reincorporate the methods of our grandparents, like eating legumes with grains. Plant-based industries will expand while embracing their eco-friendly responsibilities. We will also do everything we can to make sure that the plant-based nutrition of the future is innovative and meets the needs of all vulnerable populations, such as seniors. We want the nutrition of the future to be plant-based and tailored to one and all!” says the Vivicroc’ team.

Will you visit Vivicroc’ at the next SIAL exhibition? We sure hope so!

Following this successful initiative, Village by CA North of France and its partners, which include Bonduelle, are continuing to promote plant-based proteins with the Protein Summit Awards for start-ups, which will take place at the end of October 2018.  The awards will recognize young, promising entrepreneurs who are innovating in the field of plant-based proteins, and will help them accelerate the growth of their companies with the support of Village by CA North of France and its partners.

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