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Large-scale sustainable and diversified agriculture at Bonduelle

How would we describe our agricultural model? Its singularity is that is embraces plurality! We want to promote sustainable agricultural practices for the planet, for society and for humankind. We are nevertheless pragmatic farmers at heart. We operate in more than 100 countries, we work with 3,100 farmers throughout the world, and we are responsible for feeding millions of people. The only possible and reasonable answer is a large-scale sustainable and diversified agriculture, which ranges from sensible conventional farming, to organic farming, and ‘no pesticide residue’ farming.                                                                       

A model that preserves the environment and mankind must take into account the expectations and problems of all our stakeholders. We were naturally drawn to a model based on diversified agriculture. Our objective: to support the agricultural transition of our farming partners, in order for soil preservation, resource protection, and biodiversity to become shared priorities. How? By searching for and developing the best practices for every case scenario.

This model of diversified agriculture is not dogmatic, and is based on comprehensive scientific and technological advancements. It is also disruptive, since it allows the development of innovations such as ‘no pesticide residue ’ farming, which are in keeping with consumer expectations.

Large-scale sustainable and diversified agriculture entails many implementation methods

We strive to be a positive impact company by acting across our entire ecosystem and leveraging internal drive in order to obtain positive results on finished products, the environment, and for farmers. 

In concrete terms, large-scale sustainable and diversified agriculture at Bonduelle means:

  • A great diversity of farm sizes, agricultural techniques, types of agricultural partners as regards upstream agricultural practices: o rganic farming, sensible farming, no chemical input residue, conservation farming.
  • A diversity of terroirs, biodiversities and farm types, across 4 continents and in nearly 100 countries
  • The production of 500 vegetable varieties
  • The combination of alternative and traditional agricultural practices.
  • The use of new technologies to increase production precision and yield.

Diversified agriculture: comprehensive concrete actions for sustained commitment to the agroecology transition

For several years, we have been committed to the agroecology transition of our supply chain. Our approach entails limiting the usage of chemical phytosanitary products and to strive for zero impact on biodiversity and the environment. As a result, we support our agricultural partners on the ground, and implement a preventive approach in all our agricultural practices:

In order to go further, our 2025 target is to ensure that an appropriate combination of alternative agricultural techniques is implemented on 100% of farmed surfaces, and thus to drive each of our five CSR key agronomy areas .

diversify agriculture

As a result, our agricultural partners can make genuine, effective and sustainable production decisions. Experimentation, in particular on the VEGESOL platform, ensures dynamic and permanent progress.

Our agricultural model, based on agricultural diversity, caters to everyone’s dietary choices, meets our future challenges, ensures sustainable industries and anticipates customer requirements.

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