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Sustainable Development

CSR workshops in factories to help ideas grow.


CSR and the importance of getting employees involved

As an international group working closely with nature and offering food products, we have a responsibility to the planet and to humanity. Corporate Social Responsibility is a major a part of the group's essence. CSR is not just a marketing strategy, it's first and foremost a commitment by all stakeholders, whatever their position, to contribute to sustainable development.

Getting all our employees involved is therefore essential if we are to achieve the five CSR objectives set for 2025 . This is why we have started the “Tous Acteurs” (Everyone Involved) programme; a joint endeavour with all our employees, which is being perfected through experiments and the lessons drawn from them.

Everyone Involved in CSR!

Designed get all of us involved in our CSR policy, the “Everyone Involved” programme allows all employees who have Sustainable Development projects to take advantage of the #Tomorrow at Bonduelle support programme. This is a support policy that we wanted to share as widely as possible by also conducting workshops in factories to raise employee awareness of CSR, help sprout ideas and promote existing best practices. The goal: make people understand that we are all concerned on a daily basis and that we can all do our bit!

"After the workshop, everyone realised that we’re all involved in CSR, each person at our own level. Yes, it’s another way of thinking of our business and it gives meaning to our work."

Sébastien Duchaussoy, Director of the Labenne factory.

Joint efforts that are bearing fruit

Today, we are able to conduct many projects on biodiversity and sustainable mobility, particularly the implementation of a compost bin, the creation of fallow land with flowers and of a hive, as well as participation in the mobility challenge...

This is all thanks to the first workshop that took place in November 2016 in Labenne (in the south-west of France). Four workshops led by the group’s CSR team Corporate for Change , the site’s HR team and the factory director, allowed 50 participants to understand that CSR involves all of us and that everyone can contribute to the group’s CSR objectives. 

"The workshop opened teams’ minds and broke down the barriers between sectors. Talents were revealed and we could see that the teams are really enthusiastic about the #Tomorrow at Bonduelle programme.

In terms of management, this programme also makes it possible to take a multicultural and cross- and multi-disciplinary approach."

Sébastien Duchaussoy, Director of the Labenne factory.

This year, five other workshops have been organised to take place during the safety days at our French and Canadian factories. Given the interest and enthusiasm shown by participants during these days, it shouldn't be long before more projects come about.

See how CSR has been adopted in the Labenne factory:

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