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Working for the community


On the agenda

Taking care of the people around us by helping local organizations.

Volunteering in the city

Going outside the plant to donate your time and energy to the community is a great way to share our values, isn't it? That is what the employees at Santarém decided! Each year, they lend their brawn and brilliant ideas to local social service groups for a full day that has become legendary at the site.

There is a common characteristic to all the work they do: it harnesses energy on behalf of the community:

  • Building a garden for disabled persons
  • Sprucing up the exterior of an orphanage
  • Solidarity march
  • etc.

Nothing stands in their way 

Giving without limits: since the program started, more than 36 people have volunteered each year. They are increasingly comfortable with and motivated by their roles as volunteers, which makes the staff aim higher and higher. So much so that an outsized project has taken root in their minds: their next challenge is to plant 3,000 trees in a region that has been devastated by fires. It's a clever way to mix environmental and social causes with flair.

A great reward for their efforts

Employees eagerly commit to this local volunteering activity and many of them get their families involved too. Everyone appreciates their engagement; it is clear that this team spirit helps weave a tighter social fabric in the community while helping spread positive values. In fact, local institutions have taken note: they recently honored Bonduelle as a Socially Responsible company.

For companies IN their community

Why should there be a rigid, impenetrable boundary separating businesses and communities? After all, don't they share the same space, the same people and, more often than we suspect, the same values? Based on that observation, more and more companies are rethinking how they operate to become an integral part of their community... by supporting local groups, opening their doors to residents and schools and undertaking collaborative initiatives with the surrounding population, for example.

Working for the community
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