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We’ve found the keys to well-being



On the agenda

Activities to improve the well-being of employees.


A week to raise awareness

There’s no better way to make progress than to take concrete steps. At the Madrid site, a team of volunteers launched Health Week to raise awareness among employees about all the different aspects of wellness. These include health, personal growth, energy, nutrition, peace of mind, and more.

The week’s calendar was filled with all sorts of activities: sophrology, yoga, making smoothies, mindfulness seminars, personal massage sessions, hiking, etc. 

New habits for the whole year

Naturally, wellness isn’t achieved in just one week. You have to work on it all year round, and all throughout your life, in fact. So we couldn’t just give up on these great initiatives, especially after the very positive feedback from Health Week's first trial run.

During the event, best practices for wellness were implemented to improve the daily lives of employees in Madrid.

A few examples from the program:
- fresh fruit made available to employees
- one big activity per month (group challenge, workshop, seminar, etc.)
- a monthly newsletter on the topic of wellness and looking back on internal and external activities (going on group grocery shopping trips, eating at a vegan restaurant, etc.)
- Two health activities per year for all employees (hiking, BMX activity with a seminar from a coach, etc.)
- running club


Where do these ideas come from? From everybody!

The activities are not chosen randomly. Indeed, the idea is not to impose methods of achieving well-being on employees. Rather, the Madrid team takes stock of the needs and wants of everyone and then finds solutions that can make a difference.

They have gone straight to the source to collect information using surveys and workshops to establish an action plan.

These efforts have paid off, with the vast majority of employees participating in the activities. A real trend for wellness has taken hold.


Can wellness at work contribute to sustainable development?

When we talk about sustainable development, we usually think of saving water or preserving nature. However, it’s much more than that! For companies, wellness and quality of life at work are aspects of sustainable development because they contribute to the virtuous practices of the organization. Sustainable development is a larger concept that goes well beyond the idea of eco-friendliness. When thinking of sustainable development, also consider health, societal involvement, community life, and more.

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