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Walking for a Good Cause

[United States]

On the Agenda

Promoting healthy lifestyles at a charity walk.

Walking for Healthier Living

Good health doesn't happen by chance. You have to work for it. How? By fighting diseases that threaten it and by raising awareness about how to prevent them. That is just what the annual Rochester Heart Walk aims to do by encouraging people to come out and walk to raise awareness about heart disease.

The Brockport teams decided to hit the streets for the cause (their donations from the previous year totaled 2,000 dollars)!

Making T-Shirts and Going the Distance

Participating in the Rochester Heart Walk means putting in some mileage with colleagues, friends, family and the entire local community. The plant chose to take their support one step further by designing their own T-shirts for the cause. A clever way to wear their hearts on their sleeves (literally), and one that shows the community that our teams are proud to support this cause. The miles they walked may only be a memory, but they can keep the T-shirts!

In Pursuit of Healthier Living

The team of employees from the site wanted to do more than support the fight against cardiovascular disease. They wanted to show how important healthy lifestyles are to this fight, and the difference they can make in people's overall health. When you work with vegetables, you become an expert in this!

Healthy People, Healthy Society


Everyone wants to be healthy. But how can we help more people lead healthier lives in our society? We first need to understand that good health does not happen on its own. In fact, it is one measure of social progress, as the choices our societies make, with regard to food, for instance, have a direct impact on the overall health of our communities. In addition to eating habits, other important factors include prioritizing physical activity, hygiene and a good night's sleep.


Our sustainable development approach

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