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Vegetables for People Living in Dire Poverty


On the Agenda

Eliminating waste by donating vegetables that cannot be sold.

Less Waste, More Giving!

Not all of the vegetables processed at a plant will reach supermarket shelves: a small percentage will stay behind, despite being perfectly edible. When the leftovers of each product type are added together they amount to a significant quantity. Do they have to be thrown out? No! At several sites in Russia – Novotitarovskaya, Timashevsk and Moscow – nothing is thrown out if it can still be eaten. Instead, these vegetables are donated to the needy. 

250 Tons of Food Saved

Several tons of vegetables are sent to food banks in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar each year. These vegetables are just as good as the ones sold in stores, but they cannot be sold due to improperly applied labels, best before dates that are too short, or packaging that has been slightly crushed, among other reasons.

For the Earth and the Local Community

This is a major step toward preventing waste and upholding our environmental commitments, as well as a great way to support the community. By donating these vegetables to the needy, our employees are sending a strong message: corporations also have a responsibility to people and their local communities.

Health Diets for All


Vegetables are not always easy to incorporate into your meals when you are making every penny count. People often opt for pasta and rice, which are cheaper and easier to make. People living in dire poverty have access to help with housing, clothing, social welfare programs and healthcare services, but not always food aid. This is something that we should all bear in mind!


Our sustainable development approach

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